Monday, August 12, 2013

Flower Camp at Helen Olivia Flowers

We held our very first camp at Helen Olivia Flowers in Old Town this past Saturday.  This was an adults only camp based on a whole day of playing with flowers.  Check out the activity below.

Everyone hard at work on their arrangements here at the flower shop.

The largest of our four arrangements created to take home all lined up in a pretty row!

A rangoli inspired floral centerpiece.

Another one of the beautiful rangoli centerpieces.

Team work to create a beautiful window display.

The completed floral "garland" for the window display.

Another one of the amazing creations for the window display.

Each student helped create something to add to the window design.

A snapshot of part of our window creation.

All the campers together (yes there was a t-shirt!)

And finally the traffic jam caused by everyone loading up their four gorgeous
arrangements they took home.